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And there you have it. The end of Ven, Dalin and Wiln’s story for a good decent while. I’m gonna miss these guys, but when they come back they’ll come back so much more awesome.

I want to thank each and every person who’s followed these kids on their doofy adventures. If you’ve bought a book or left a comment or even just said hi at a table I was at, you ladies and dudes have been wonderful. And I know you will continue to be! This isn’t the end of Knifestone. Far from it. We’ll be back in not too long with a new cast and a new story set in this same world, just in a different time. Think Linnel’s Tale, but much longer.

As far as updates are concerned I’m going to be taking the summer off. That doesn’t mean I won’t be working on it, it just won’t be in a form you all see for a bit. I’ve got writing and design and infrastructure to work on and that’ll take a little time. That, and I have a wedding to plan now! Which is fun! There’s also some work of mine you might see in the meantime that I’m not allowed to announce publicly yet, but suffice it to say if you read other comics – particularly ones that are much, much, MUCH bigger than mine – you might be pleasantly surprised to see my name pop up. I know I was pleasantly surprised to have the opportunity! I might even throw a short story up on Tumblr or something! Who knows!

(A brief aside somewhat inspired by the secret thing: With the transition to the new story I was already planning to up the art game, as it were. Working on this other project has done a fair bit of reinforcing that making comics for me can be a darn sight easier when I don’t have to draw them, too. As much fun as I have doing it, I think like a writer first and an artist second. If anyone out there thinks they have the chops to keep up with my storytelling and schedule, then please, drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.)

So, if you want to keep up with all the goings-on join the Facebook group. Everything I do will get announced there (for a change! Thanks everyone who’s already there for largely no reason up until this point!), so you’ll know exactly when I pop up somewhere else, and, more importantly, you’ll be the first to know this fall, when we begin…

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Book book store store

Just a quick little blog post, partially to bump that old ancient fan contest thing off the front page, but mostly to point out that the real, proper, honest-go-goodness booky book is finally available for sale in the store. Took me a while to get up (some of that was laziness, a lot of that was waiting for all the preorders to be sent out, part of it was also waiting for the site redesign to be done), but it’s there. Go buy it!

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