Even more new things!

The party just don’t stop! I was bored (IE: Procrastinating on my writing) so I threw a fancy-dancy Cbox up over there on the left because I am addicted to comments (Leave more of them plz <3<3<3), and, although I've been sitting on it for a little while, decided I might as well finally put up the fanart section. So if you’ve got any fun doodles or stories or whatever, throw me an email and I’ll put it up!

If you’re really serious about fanart/guest material though, get ahold of me. There are some things I have in the works that I won’t really be talking about for quite some time (although I think I talked about it on the podcast), but it’d be nice to have some people in on the ground floor if you get my meaning. Wink wink. Or something.

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